The twister category is where you can really mix things up by adding multiple twists to all of the categories already covered.  You can increase the difficulty by adding more twists and somersaults to the dive.  You can do front, back, reverse and inward twists to add a lot of different options to your lifestyle.  You can do a front dive with a half twist, a backflip with a full twist, a reverse 1 and 1/2 with 1 and 1/2 twists and so on.

  • Front twisters may be:  Taking a walk Because its raining.  Walking barefoot on the beach.
  • Back twisters may be:  Fasting.  Have dinner at night and do not eat again until lunch.  Let your body know what it is like to go without food for a while and put it in a fat burning state.  Binge.  Every once in a while, eat a lot(of healthy food).  Our primal ancestors went days without a big meal, but when they finally hunted a big kill, they went to town and ate a bunch.  It is great to overeat sometimes to let your body know that food is abundant and it does not have to stay in its starvation mode.
  • Reverse twisters:  Find that one thing you always wanted to do, but thought you never had time for, make the time and do it.  If you have always wanted to learn to play the guitar or travel to Australia, make the necessary steps to get there.  Buy the guitar or start putting money away.  Make those dreams realities.  Join a club sports team or intramural team.
  • Inward twisters:  In the diving world, inward twisters are very few and far between.  They are a very challenging dive with a very low degree of difficulty.  However, in the workout world, it is nice to do things that are challenging.  Try mixing up your workout routine, see how many push ups, pull ups and squats you can do in a minute.  If you normally do 10 reps in your workout routine, lighten the weight  and try for 20.  Try doing your workout in the reverse order you normally would.  You know what your strengths are, how about starting your workout with your weaknesses.  Your weaknesses are all of those exercises you hate doing or just do not perform at all.

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