The 12 Commandments

The 12 Commandments of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which apply to the sport but can also be used in our every day lives.

Promise Yourself……

  1. To be strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
  2. To speak to all of happiness, health, and prosperity.
  3. To give all your friends the feeling that they have value.
  4. To look at the bright side and turn your optimism into eventual reality.
  5. To think only the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best.
  6. To be as fair and as enthusiastic about success of others as of your own.
  7. To forget the mistakes of the past and focus your energy on the achievements of the future.
  8. To always keep the person next to you happy, and always smile to those who address you.
  9. To expend the greatest time improving yourself, and no time criticizing others.
  10. To be too great to feel uneasiness, too noble to feel rage, too happy to feel setbacks, and strong enough to feel fear.
  11. To have a good opinion of yourself and proclaim it to the world.  Not with resounding words, but with good works.
  12. To have the firm conviction that  the world is on your side, as long as you stay loyal to what is best in you.

Written by Carlos Gracie, Sr. the creator of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and translated by Rolles Gracie.


Life is Hard, Life is Difficult

Today’s Monday Motivation comes to us from a man named Dr. Moses, an author of a book called Power Principles for Purposeful Living.  He gives speeches at Toastmaster meetings and I found this one and thought it was quite fitting.  Life is hard and difficult but the more you realize that it is, the faster and quicker you can move on from it and the less it will kick you down.  It is all about perspective and the attitude you have about the situations and events which happen to you.  We all have the power, energy and the know how to be successful and happy in any endeavor we come across and it all comes down to our state of mind.

Life is Hard, Life is Difficult

My message today is titled Life is hard” and it’s about how to live a great life despite the fact that life is difficult.

Everybody wants to be happy in life. We all want to live a perfect life. We want that great job or a successful business. We want to be married to Mr. Right or Mrs Perfect. We want to have great kids. We want to have friends that stick by us come rain or shine. We want to be able to have all the material things life has to offer and have all our problems just disappear.

Everybody wishes for good life. It may be at different levels. One person may define a good life one way and another may describe it another way. For one person a good life may be just having three meals a day and a roof over their head. For another it may be having a huge mansion and a couple of million dollars in the bank.

There are different levels and meanings to what a good life is. But whatever you definition of it, there is perhaps one thing that you may have in common with many other people. You might want that good life stress free. You would like to have it without having to work so hard or struggle so much for it. That is a normal human expectation. Nobody likes to struggle through life.

Unfortunately, that is also what may be stopping you from having that great life. The thought of all that work, all that planning, overcoming hurdles and resistance is enough to make a lot of people give up before they even start. It can all seem too overwhelming, and for many it all just doesn’t seem be worth it. It’s like being drained of energy just at the thought of running a marathon. Before you are even at the starting line the thought of all that running just scares you and tires you so much mentally you just decide not to go for it. It’s just too hard.

One of my favourite books is titled “The Road Less Travelled” by M. Scott Peck. The first sentence in the book is:

“Life is difficult.”

Now, if you pick up a book and the first thing it tells you is “life is difficult” you may just think “is this book going to get reassuring and encouraging after such a start?

But, as Peck goes on to explain, once you accept that life is hard, it no longer becomes an issue that it’s difficult. He says:

“Once we know that life is difficult- once we truly understand and accept it – then life is no longer difficult.”

In life you will have difficulties getting anything you want. It is very rare to get anything in life without some degree of effort. Only if you win the lottery will you have everything without effort, and even then you would have had to go out and buy the lottery ticket anyway so it’s not free at all.

Life is hard – your boss will not always be the nicest person in the world. Your job will have challenges that you did not foresee. Your workmates will sometimes be a pain. You won’t always get the salary and recognition that you want and deserve at work. Your clients may not be the nicest people in the world.

Life is hard – your kids won’t always be the ideal kids you want them to be. Your wife or husband may not be as perfect as you thought they were when you married them – in fact I can guarantee you they are not. Your home may not be the ideal place you would want it to be. You may not the perfect wife or husband that you once thought you were.

Life is hard – running a business is not as easy as you thought it would be. No one is lining up to bring money to your business, even though you are a really nice person and your business has great products to offer.

I could go on and on with these examples, but the bottom line is that “Life is hard.”

I don’t mean to say in all this that you don’t deserve a break. I am not saying that you are not justified in thinking that you deserve more than what you have gotten from life and the world to this point.

I am not saying that you are not justified in feeling the way that you feel. I know you have had it tough at times. I know that at times you feel that it’s all very confusing and just too hard. I mean you have worked very hard. You’ve done all that you possibly could in your life whether it is at work or at home. But things just don’t seem to have worked out as well as you had planned or hoped. It all just seems to have gone wrong and you don’t know or understand how or why.

But that’s okay. It’s normal. That’s what being human is all about. That’s what life is all about. Life is hard. Accept that.

Once you do, you will feel better about your circumstances. Then you won’t think of your situation as anything but what is common to every human being. Then you will think of your situation as a part of life. You will no longer beat yourself up about how bad things are or how you are not doing so well in one area or another. You will realise that you are only human. You make mistakes just like everybody else. You are not perfect just like everybody else.

But don’t stop there. Accepting that life is hard does not mean that you accept every circumstance and simply go with the flow.

You see, there are two sides to this story. There is another side to this coin. On the one side of the coin is where you have the words “life is hard” inscribed, but if you turn that coin over you will five very small but powerful words. They read:

“You can make it better”

That is one of the beautiful things about life. You can make your life better. You have total responsibility for what you do and how you respond to the fact that life is hard. As the now cliché saying goes:

“If life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

Accepting that life is hard comes with accepting that you have the responsibility to make it better. Not only do you have the responsibility to make it better, you have the ability and the power to make it better.

You can make it better – become a better employee and someone worth giving more responsibilities at work. The promotions and the better pay are sure to follow one way or another.

You can make it better – learn how to raise better kids and have a happier home. Become the good husband or wife you would like your spouse to be.

You can make it better – learn how to turn that business around. Gain the extra skills you need to run a successful business.

You see, the only person you have any control over is yourself. You cannot change other people. Let’s take the example of marriage for moment. Notice that I did not say you should turn your husband or spouse into an ideal spouse. I said you should become the ideal husband or wife you want your spouse to be. Then, once you become such a person you may have several choices as to how to relate to your spouse.

Firstly, once you are as near perfect a spouse as anyone can be your husband or wife might see the difference and also decide to change for the better or they may just change naturally as a response to your new attitude. Secondly, if they don’t change, perhaps you will have reached a level of maturity where you are content and satisfied with who they are and their faults no longer bother you. Or thirdly, in some cases, such as in abusive relationships or in relationships that are a risk to your health, you may reach a level of self acceptance and courage where you are able to leave that abusive or unfaithful partner.

Whatever the case may be, this example illustrates one other important fact about teh fact that life is hard and taking responsibility. That is:

“You always have choices”

No matter what situation you are in, you have a choice. No matter how bad things are, you have a choice. No matter what you think you can or cannot do, you have a choice.

Now it may not be an easy choice, by any means. It may be a very difficult choice and the road you decide to take may be a tough one. It may push you way out of your comfort zone. It may mean that in the initial period your life may get even harder than it already is. But it is a choice nonetheless.

A lot of times you will actually find that the choices are not as hard as you thought they were. You may just have shut off your mind from seeing those choices and possibilities because you thought you had no choice. Once you become open to the idea that you are responsible for your life and that you have choices, you will find that you are no longer stuck just because life is hard.

At that point, life is still hard, but you have the final say. Your life becomes more meaningful and purposeful. 



Rules of Motivation

Good day everyone!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend like I did.  I got some family time in, went to the beach and got some great sunshine and had some very enjoyable dinners with some great company.  With my family in town it has definitely reminded of how grateful I am and also it to keep being motivated to push towards my goals.  What is your daily motivation?  What do you get up for in the morning and what is your goal?  My goal right now is to get a house.  I now have a beautiful family of 4 and we are slowly running out of room in my town home apartment.  I want to have a fantastic home with a big yard to chase after my kids so I am staying focused and motivated to reach my goal.  Often times we get off track and lose sight of our goals but I have found some rules of motivation to help jumpstart us back on the path to righteousness.  These rules of motivation apply to everything in work, life and love.

1. Do not worry if you make mistakes. Making mistakes is one way we can learn and improve in our life. There is no one that has never made any mistake. The most important thing here is you realize that you have made mistakes and do not repeat the same mistakes again. You learn more from mistakes you have made than any other way.

2. Feel happy about your life. Happiness generates more positive energy within you. This energy is important to keep you more optimistic and enthusiastic about your life. Happy people are always motivated to accomplish something in their life.

3. Get out of your comfort zone. You need to learn to get into unfamiliar surroundings to explore better opportunities. Do not just stick around with the same people, same known places, skills or work. Explore new things that will enhance your ability to achieve your goals and keep you stay motivated.

4. Think the unthinkable. Nothing will stop you from thinking of goals you want to achieve. You have to dream high in order to set high goals. Everything starts with a dream. Do not limit yourself in your goals and dreams.

5. Read and listen to inspirational materials. You have to start spending time reading motivational books and listening to inspirational tapes. But, you must also implement what you learn from your reading and listening. New things you learn from these exercises will give you excitement and energy to work harder toward achieving your goals.

6. Resolve problems instead of running away. Your ride to success destination will not be smooth all the time. You will face difficulties. Do not quit when you experience predicaments in your quest to achieve your dreams. Frustrations and setbacks naturally form as parts of your success venture.

7. Appreciate every moment of your life. Think of what your life really is as of now. Appreciate every moment you have currently. Thinking about the past or day dreaming about the future will not bring you anywhere. Appreciating your current conditions makes you feel much better and realize the need to move forward to achieve your goals.

8. Finish what you start. Once you have started something, finish it. Never leave what you do halfway regardless of the end result. This will train you to accomplish something out of things that you do.

9. Face challenges one at a time. Challenges come to us almost all the time. Take up one challenge at a time. Do not try to accumulate and face them at one go. As the challenges accumulate, you will only feel less motivated to face them and finally unable to complete anything.

10. Care less about what people say. You may hear a lot of bad things people say about you. Sometimes those bad comments may come from somebody close to you. As long as you fully know what you are doing to achieve your goals, you can let those comments fall into deaf ears. Thinking too much about what people say will only make you weaker and lose focus on your effort.

by Ruchi Maheshwari

10 Simple Life Changing Rules

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a fantastic weekend such as I.  It is Monday and time to start off the week on the right foot with 10 simple rules that will change your life.  Everyone can do and everyone should because it would make the world a better more enjoyable place to live.  I believe we are too serious, worry about money way too much, worry about what others think of us and we do not let loose and be silly, funny or goofy enough.  I think we can all benefit from these 10 simple rules as long as we try to practice and execute them daily.  I hope this helps in getting your mind right to start the week off with a tremendous purpose.

Life Rule #1: Look For What Pleases You Rather Than What Annoys You
Whether it’s your partner, your brother, your pet, your home or work, try placing the majority of your attention on the things you really love and appreciate, rather than looking for the things you find tiresome or irritating.

Life Rule #2: Have a Life That  is Yours Alone 
Try, as much as possible,  to live  a life that is  not tethered too tightly  to the actions and opinions of others. Do what you adore and adore what you do.

Life Rule#3: Appreciate Where You Are Right Now
As you work your way toward your ultimate goals and dreams, make an intentional effort to recognize that where you stand in the present moment is as much a gift as where you are going. Every day, look for at least one thing about your life RIGHT NOW that satisfies you.

Life Rule #4: Have Some Fun
Laugh, dance, do something  silly. Watch a funny movie, go for a swim, have lobster for dinner. Whatever you consider fun, pick something, and Just Do It.

Life Rule #5: Say What You Need to Say
Don’t hold back…if you want to say, “I love you,” say it. If you need to say, “You hurt me,” say that too.

Life Rule #6: Surround Yourself With People You Love
Make a list of the people who  make you feel safe, inspired, happy, and motivated. Keep them close and let them know, on a regular basis, how much they mean to you.

Life Rule #7: Forget About The Money (If  just  for a little while)
Sure, money makes the world go ‘round, BUT if everything you do is monetarily based, you’re  destined to miss a lot of life on the way to your “riches.” Make a habit  of doing  at least  one thing every day that doesn’t cost  you a penny or make you a dime.

Life Rule #8: Be a Duck – Let Things Roll Off Your Back
Contrary to popular belief, life is  not about struggle, conflict and endurance. Often, simply deciding that you will look the other way, turn the other cheek, or smile and say “no problem,” can spell the difference between misery and happiness. It’s always your choice.

Life Rule #9: Do a DRAK (Daily Random Act of Kindness)
Hold the elevator, wave the other car in, in fact, let two in, pay the next guy’s toll, tell someone they smell really good. Find someone to thank, to compliment, to appreciate, and do it.

Life Rule #10: Take Care  of  The Vehicle You’ve Been Given
In a world where most of our time is spent fulfilling the needs of others – our boss, our children, a troubled friend, our significant other – it’s important  to remember that it’s our physical bodies that get us from point “A” to point “B.” Without it, it’s impossible to take care of anything or anyone else. Make self- care a top priority.


A to Zen of Life

Here is your Monday motivation to help us be better people, make better decisions and just be happy.  I never know where my motivation comes from but I always keep my eyes and ears open for new material.  I found this on the wall of my in-laws and thought it was terrific.  Enjoy

Avoid negative source, people, places and habits

Believe in yourself

Consider things from every angle

Don’t give up and don’t give in

Everything you’re looking for lies behind the mask you wear

Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches

Give more than you planned to

Hang on to your dreams

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it

Keep trying no matter how hard it seems

Love yourself

Make it happen

Never lie, steal or cheat

Open your arms to change, but don’t let go or your values

Practice makes perfect

Quality not quantity in anything you do

Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer

Stop procrastinating

Take control of your own destiny

Understand yourself in order to better understand others


When you lose, don’t lose the lesson

Xcellence in all your efforts

You are unique, nothing can replace you

Zero in on your target and go for it


40 Pieces of Advice

40 great pieces of advice we should all follow and try to incorporate into our daily lives.


  1. Walk 10 to 30 minutes every day.  And smile while you walk.
  2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes every day.  Lock yourself in if necessary.
  3. Listen to good music every day: it is true food for the spirit.
  4. When you wake up in the morning, say the following: Today my goal is _________
  5. Live with the 3 E’s: Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy
  6. Play more games than last year.
  7. Read more books than last year.
  8. Look at the sky at least once a day and realize in what a magnificent world you live in
  9. Dream more while you are awake!
  10. Eat more natural foods than manufactured ones.
  11. Eat berries and nuts and drink green tea, lots of water and a glass of wine each day(make sure to make a toast to the bounty in your life, and do it with someone whose company you love)
  12. Try each day to make at least three people smile.
  13. Eliminate disorder in your home, your car and your desk, and let new energy flow into you life.
  14. Don’t waste your precious time gossiping or regretting the past or in negative thoughts or in worrying about things beyond your control. Better to convert your energy in that what is positive in the present.
  15. Realize that life is a school and that you are here to learn.  Problems are life lessons from which you learn.
  16. Eat breakfast life a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.
  17. Smile and laugh more.
  18. Don’t miss any opportunity to hug somebody you appreciate.
  19. Life is too short to waste it by hating someone.
  20. Don’t take yourself too seriously – no one else does!
  21. You don’t have to win every argument.  Just accept that you are not in agreement and that you can agree to disagree.
  22. Make peace with your past so won’t ruin your present.
  23. Don’t compare yourself with others.  For always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
  24. Only YOU are in charge on your own happiness.
  25. Remember that you don’t  always have control over what happens, but you do have control over what you do with the experience.
  26. Learn something new every day.
  27. What other people think of you is of no concern to you.
  28. Love you body and respect it.
  29. No matter how good or bad the situation is, it will change.
  30. Your work will not take care of you when are sick.  Your friends will!  Stay on good terms with them.
  31. Get rid of everything that is not useful, beautiful or fun.
  32. Envy is a waste of time.  You already have everything you will ever need.
  33. The best is yet to come.
  34. No matter how you feel, get up, get dressed and be there.
  35. Have wonderful friends.
  36. Call your family often and send them messages saying you are thinking of them.
  37. Every night before going to bed, say the following: I give thanks for______.  Today I succeeded in __________.
  38. Remember that you are too blessed to be stressed.
  39. Enjoy life – you only have one opportunity, make the best of it.
  40. Share this with someone you love.

Life is beautiful – enjoy it while you can!