Christmas Cookie Calorie Burner

I had some extra calories to burn so I decided to mix it up a bit today from the heavy lifting and went with more circuit training.  I was plenty fueled and needed to move and sweat some of the extra sugar I consumed over the weekend.  Hope this help inspire you to get in, get after it and get out.


5 Rounds of:

10 second sprint on the treadmill with 10% incline at 10, 12, 12, 13, 14 mph

10 Push Ups

10 Standing Lat Pull Downs

10 Kettlebell Swings

10 Kettlebell Squats


2 Sets of 5 (had to get a strength set in)

Straight Bar Deadlift with 225 pounds


3 Rounds of:

10 Box Jumps on 36 in box

10 Burpees from the floor

10 Seconds on the Battle Ropes

10 Ball Slams with 10lb Med. Ball


3 Rounds of:

50 Foot Sprint on the Versa Climber (about 12 seconds)

Shuttle Run Down and Back (about 25 yards each way)

Heavy Carry with 53 lb Kettlebells Down and Back

10 Squat Row Jump Backs with the Bands