Reverse’s or Gainers as I like to call them, are the most challenging, frustrating and rewarding dives to do.  With gainers, you have to walk forward down the board, jump off, reverse direction and spin back towards the board.  Since you have to reverse directions, I want you to think about doing the opposite of what you normally do.  If you normally do not have breakfast in the morning, have breakfast.  If you generally drive to work with the radio on, try driving in silence.  It will get your day started on a positive, peaceful mindset.  Try to think about doing things in reverse that will help you in the long run.  If you watch TV for an hour or two a night, try going for a walk, reading a book or doing something more productive with your time.


We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.  There is nothing more true than this statement.  Playing is great for your mind, body, soul and your inner child.  Play is great for your neurological system, great for your competitive side, and just great fun.  Most of us work way too hard and play too little which is why I suggest you do the opposite and play.  If you can, try to play everyday.  What I mean by playing is  something fun you enjoy which makes you use your body or mind.  I would prefer you not play anything on the computer, phone, or video game system.  The nintendo wii is okay as long as your are up off the couch and moving.  Play with your kids if you have any, they have great imaginations and will play for hours at a time.  Play with your dog or cat.  The best type of play to me is something competitive.  Find a friend that you can play golf, tennis, basketball, football, baseball, ping pong or whatever with.  I enjoy my weekly one on one basketball games against one of my clients.  It gets me outside, which I love and gets me moving without me really thinking about it.  Play does not always have to be physically demanding.  It can also be mentally demanding such as chess, bridge, checkers or whatever else makes you use that glorious brain of yours.  Again, I highly suggest playing with or against somebody, it will keep you accountable and makes it super fun.


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