Inward is very similar to the front category but spins in towards the diving board.  In the inward category we are going to talk about going inside(not always), getting some work done, and lifting.  It’s about looking inside your self, pushing your body to the limit, grinding out those extra few reps.

Lift Hard and Heavy 2 Times a Week.

I am a huge fan of the big lifts which are squat, deadlift, bench press, and pull ups.  I also really like combination exercises which target the upper and lower body at the same time increasing the heart rate and caloric expenditure.  Squat to row and squat to overhead press are two of my favorites.  We are going to have to work hard.  It should not be easy, it should be a bit of a struggle.  If you are doing a 3 exercise 3 sets of 10 circuit like say, dumbbell press to lat pull down to drop lunge, those 9th and 10th reps better be tough.  If you finish your 10th rep and feel like you could have done ten more, than you are not lifting heavy enough.  The 6 basic movements you need to cover in any workout program are:

  1. Push (push ups, overhead press, dumbbell press, bench press)
  2. Pull (pull ups, lat pull down, dumbbell rows, TRX rows)
  3. Squat (body weight, back squats, front squats, DB squat, kettlebell)
  4. Lunge(forward, backward, side, diagonal, step up, drop lunge)
  5. Deadlift(dumbbell, kettlebell, one legged, straight, Romanian)
  6. Twist(horizontal twist, low to high, high to low, figure 8’s, lower body twist)
One Body Weight Workout a Week
Most of the time we can not make it to the gym or it may be too nice outside and you don’t want to be inside or you may just not have the necessary equipment.  Whatever the case may be, using your body weight is just as effective as using all that fancy gym equipment.  Body weight training is extremely beneficial because obviously you do not need any equipment, is usually more than a single joint movement, creates body awareness, builds coordination and core strength.

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