In the forward category I want to encourage us to move in the forward motion with our eyes up and with our desires set on our goals.  The front category is one of the easier dive groups because of the forward motion of it and because you can see everything that is spinning or flipping by you.  Whether it be a beautiful front dive or a front 3 1/2 tuck, you can always know where you are.


Walk.  Walk a lot.  Walk everywhere every time.  Walking is the most basic, most underrated form of exercise which we as humans do very little any more.  We drive our cars to work, take the escalator or elevator one floor, valet our cars, and park very close to where we need to be.  If you want to get in better conditioning, I suggest you start here first.  I enjoy walking.  I walk my dogs 2 or 3 times a day, I walk with my wife and baby, or I just take a stroll by myself to clear my head.  I now have my wife and I walking to the grocery store and lugging back our kill.  I suggest starting small by walking to the end of the block and back.    Eventually try to strive for 20-30 minutes of good uninterrupted walking everyday.  Walking helps condition the aerobic system, improves blood circulation, improves muscle strength and stamina, improves your mood,and get us outside to enjoy the beautiful day.

Always take the stairs.*

If your legs are fully functioning and operational, always take the stairs.  No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.  Taking the stairs is extremely beneficial for the whole body starting with the musculature of the legs and core, your coordination system, and ending with the cardiovascular system.  Yes, taking the stairs is challenging, tiring, hard and for most of you, takes your breath away.  The way I see it is, I am extremely grateful to have fully functioning legs with no injuries that I am able to use the stairs and you should be too.  I know what you are thinking, but Frontdive I work/live on the 10th floor.  If that be the case, I suggest walking up as many flights as you can before succumbing to the elevator.  I often visit my wife at her office on the 6th floor and pride myself for taking the stairs.  The goal is always movement, the more you move the better you feel.  On a side note, try to not use the walking escalators at the airport either.  You either have or will be sitting for the next however many hours, so do your legs and heart a favor and use them how they are intended.

(* Excluding the handicapped, people in wheelchairs or crutches, pregnant women and women with strollers.)


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