The backward category is little scarier due to the fact it is called a blind entry.  You may not be able to see where you are going to land but you can see where you are or where you were.  Which is why we are going to discuss eating primal or paleo here.  We are going to eat the way our primal ancestors did thousands of years ago.  Way back in the day, they had to hunt and gather whatever they could across the vast lands, sometimes scoring a big kill but most likely not.

Eat naturally.

Eat naturally.  No processed food.  Whatever you can kill or pick from the ground, you can eat.  Let me dive into this a little further, whatever was man made or came from a factory you should probably avoid.  No processed food means NO: Breads, Rice, Pastas, Grains, Beans, Quinoa and/or whatever manufactured grain we like to eat.  I know, a lot of you are saying how you love bread or really like pasta but the bottom line is, if you want to lose weight, stay healthy, have more energy, reduce inflammation and reduce your risk of diabetes, we need to eat as naturally as possible.  My list of approved foods are: Any and All meat(chicken, beef, pork, seafood, buffalo, wild game, etc), eggs, all vegetables, seasonal fruits, and all nuts.  I can operate on meat, eggs, nuts and vegetables alone.

Drink water.

Oh water, the most abundant element on the earth and in our bodies.  We as humans, just like almost every other living being on this planet, can NOT function without it.  It is absolutely essential to drink strictly only water all throughout the day.  I know it is boring and flavorless but it is also usually free and calorie free.  If you can cut out all sugary drinks whether it be juices, sodas, diet sodas, sweetened teas, or coffees, and replace it with water, I guarantee you will lose weight.  The only exception to this rule is unsweetened teas or coffee.  You can have tea, just drink it straight up without any sugar,cream, or honey.  Lemon is fine.  Now for you coffee drinkers, you can still have your coffee just try to not putting any sugar in it.  Cream is fine, but heavy cream is even better.


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