24 Healthy Weekly Habits of Mine

My list of 24 Healthy(ish?) Weekly Habits I perform 

  1. I slam a glass of lemon water after waking up
  2. I drink bullet proof coffee
  3. I floss daily
  4. I listen to motivational and inspirational podcasts
  5. I get outside often
  6. I go barefoot as much as possible
  7. I play with my kids everyday
  8. I roll out my arches with a golf ball
  9. I love reading and try to read for at least 20 minutes everyday
  10. I look for ways to incorporate exercise into my day
  11. I always take the stairs
  12. I take a shot of apple cider vinegar several times a week
  13. I eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and eggs everyday
  14. I don’t do long, slow cardio
  15. I love full body, multi-joint workouts
  16. I really only exercise 2-3 days a week
  17. I love golf and walk the course every time I can
  18. I hate stretching and doing crunches
  19. I say out loud everything I am grateful for everyday
  20. I take time out everyday and focus on my breathing
  21. I fast for 15-18 hours a couple of days a week
  22. I realize how blessed I am and how wonderful life is
  23. I say ‘I love you’ often to my wife and my daughters
  24. I give my family kisses and hugs for hello and goodbye

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