Which One Are You?

Today’s post comes from a great mentor of mine, a man who is always inspiring, always motivating, always making you want to become even better than you are, to be more successful, to try a little harder and be the best you can be each and every day, Mr. Martin Rooney.  I receive email blasts from Mr. Rooney who operates Training for Warriors and I always take the time to read the powerful words Mr. Rooney has for us that day.  This particular posts asks which one are you, a trainer or a coach?  I think being a trainer and/or coach are two of the best professions in the world but there are definitely some differences between the two.  Both are life transformers, yes, but being a coach means going beyond that one hour a day you spend with your clients or athletes and instilling values in them to carry over for life.  Hands down my second favorite word to be called is coach (my first will always be daddy).  Being a coach has a more distinct honor and holds more value than just being a trainer.  With coaching you are helping people not only with their sport or fitness but you are helping them with core values that they can carry over for life like, honesty, integrity, decency, good sportsmanship, hard work, preparation and discipline.  I like to think of the people I coach as my own personal set of clay and I can mold them into fine, amazing, successful individuals.  One of my favorite things is to see my former divers continue on to great success whether it be diving at another school, getting their doctorates or just getting married and having successful careers.  I love knowing that I made an impact on their lives and helped shape them in some way, shape or form because when it all comes down to it, we are here to help others and we receive the most reward when helping others and not ever wanting anything in return.  For that I will always strive to be great in everything I do but also be the best coach in everything I do.  Have a fantastic day everyone.


Which One Are You?

A Trainer Lights a fire under someone.
A Coach Lights A Fire Inside Of Someone.

A Trainer affects the hour they are with someone.
A Coach affects the hours they are not with someone.

A Trainer Hopes To Get Through The Session.
The Coach Hopes To Get Through To Someone.

A Trainer Forgets The Job Is Not To Remind People About Problems.
A Coach Remembers The Job Is To Solve Them.

A Trainer Stretches your legs.
A Coach Stretches Your Limits.

A Trainer Counts Your Reps.
A Coach Discounts Your excuses.

A Trainer Is concerned with How Much time you put in.
A Coach is concerned with How Much You put into the time.

A Trainer wants you to do your best.
A Coach wants you to do better than your best.

A Trainer is concerned More With How, Where and When.
A Coach is Concerned More With Who, What and Why.

A Trainer Works For A Paycheck.
A Coach Works For A Passion.

A Trainer Develops and Delivers Your Workout.
A Coach Creates and Cultivates Your Purpose.

Training is Something You Do To Someone.
Coaching Is Something You Do With Someone.




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