Park Training

Well folks, it has been one heck of a interesting and crazy last two weeks for me and the family starting off the year.  We moved from Southern California to South Carolina on the 1st of the year for a better life and house for our family.  It has been a big change, a very National Lampoon moving type of story and a big adjustment but you know what, I welcome it all.  Often times we get too complacent and comfortable in our lives and our daily routines that we are afraid of change.  We are scared of it, unsure of what is out there, what we are going to do and if it is going to work out so we never even bother to try. You will never find out if you will succeed or fail if you do not take any action and try.  Yes, I gave up  several very loyal, consistent clients, a coaching job and many good friends for the move but I am looking down the road for the long haul.  Yes, it has been hard and a bit of a struggle since moving out here but I will not let it beat me down.  I will rise up and overcome any obstacles standing in my way.  I accept the challenge of acquiring new clientele, meeting new friends and opening up different avenues of work and fun for my family.  I know it will all work out because I believe in myself, I believe in my wife and I believe in good karma and energy.  If you are good people and you surrounded yourself with good people then good things will happen to you.

Speaking of good people, one of my really good friends Mr. Kyle Knapp  from bare5 has put together a video of himself training at the park.  Kyle is one of the few friends I have in which we see eye to eye on almost everything.  His mentality on fitness is totally on par with my values, exercise, move naturally, eat naturally, get outside and play.  He is one of the few special people I know who gets it.  I get him and he gets me.  As you will see in this video, exercise should be fun, sporadic, chaotic, outside, challenging and engaging.  It’s about the experience, the quality of the movement and pushing and twisting yourself outside of your comfort zone.  It’s about looking silly outside at a park and not giving him a hoot on what people think or say.  It’s about taking your shoes and shirt off outside, feeling the grass between your toes and the sun on your body.  It’s about playing and being silly and moving like you did when you were a kid with lots of running, jumping, climbing and swinging.  The best movements are the natural movements we do as kid and somehow do less of as we grow older.  Forget about reps, sets, numbers, weights, time and going beast mode and focus on full body, natural engaging movement.  If we all played like this a couple a times a week at the park we would be a more athletic, better moving nation as a whole.

Here is what I am talking about:

“When challenged in the face of adversity, I just laugh my head off.”


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