Farewell California

My time in California is coming to a close and a new chapter in my life is going to begin.  California has been my home for the last 9 plus years and I have enjoyed my time here, the great friends I have made and all the wonderful memories.  I first moved out here from Phoenix, AZ after my wife (then girlfriend) took a job in Newport Beach with a plastic surgeon and asked if I wanted to go and without hesitation I said yes.  At the time, I was 24 living with my parents and maybe working 10-15 hours a week at Bally’s and I figured why not?  What do I have to lose?  I mean isn’t everybody’s dream to live in Cali?  With only her car and my car filled with our possessions we made the drive from Phoenix to Costa Mesa California.  We found a 1 bedroom apartment and we literally had nothing but a TV.  No couch, no bed, no TV, dining room table or coffee table.  We had to order our couch and bed and wait the two weeks for delivery so until then we were sleeping on an air mattress on the floor.  Jessica was helping her friend start a brand new practice and it was up to me to find a gym for me to start training again.  It was not long before I found a gym call Shape Up that was the catalyst for all my friends and experiences for the rest of my time here.  Shape Up was the hub that started it all for my network of friends whom I have today and continue to enjoy life with.  After a couple of moves, a couple of dogs, a couple of gym changes and most importantly after a couple of healthy beautiful daughters (Devon and Hartley) my life is where it is today.

So why would I want to change all that?

Well, after spending some time here in Cali, you realize that even though the weather is fantastic almost year round and you have a solid group of friends, you find out it is pretty darn expensive to live here.  Housing cost are extremely expensive and we are running out of room in our two bedroom townhouse.  We our a family of 4 now and we want more room for our girls to roam and run.  We feel each child needs to have their own room and mom and dad need their bedroom back since Hartley is still sleeping in a crib bedside.  We can not afford to move into a bigger 3 bedroom apartment, a rental house and or even buy a house in the area we like.  We love Costa Mesa and love our 12 minute commutes to work so we definitely do not want to move more inland.  Another little issue with California is that there are so many people here.  Maybe its the weather I am not sure, but everywhere you go there are people and cars everywhere.  Depending on the time of day, traffic on the 405 is ridiculously crazy.  It could take you either 20 minutes or an hour to travel just 10 miles.  We want a slower pace of life and a more easy living lifestyle for us and our children.  We are done with the hustle and bustle of the city life and are ready to move to the suburbs where peace and quiet are in our future.  We are ready to make a better life for our family so we might as well do it now while the kids are young so that is why we are moving to Charleston, South Carolina.

After lots of research and a scouting trip we have decided on Charleston because of the mild four season, friendlier people, more easy going lifestyle and affordable housing.  Do we have any friends there?  No.  Do we have any family there?  No, but we are ready to have blind faith just like we did when we move to California.  I strongly feel and have said before “as long as I have my girls, I can be happy anywhere.”  This move is going to be one of the biggest chapters in my life and I am ready for it.  I have been thinking about this for quite some time and sure it is going to be tough and very sad and sure it is normal for me to feel nervous, anxious and worried and scared but you know what?  I say bring it on. Rather than be worried and wonder what if, I am ready to embrace it and dominate it.  I have a fire under my butt and know I have to provide for my family which just helps fuel the drive.  My wife has a job and can start right making money but me on the other hand being a trainer it is not so easy.  I have to say goodbye to my existing clientele, many of which I have been training for 5 plus years, find a new gym and start rebuilding again.  I am unsure of where I am going to work or even what avenue I can take but I am ready.  Maybe I can work at a golf course, maybe I can coach diving, maybe I can lead a neighborhood bootcamp whatever it may be I am excited to see where I am going to head.  The sky is the limit and I am not stopping until I get there.

Our main goal is to find a house to where we can finally call home.  A home to where we can watch our kids grow, have wonderful holiday parties and countless memories to be shared.  We have a little more than 2 weeks left here in Cali and we are going to enjoy it and our friends as much as we can.  To all my great friends that I have made here in California: I love you, I wish you all great success and happiness and God bless you all.  To all our new friends we are going to make: watch out here comes the Franzen family, a great family with great values, big smiles and even bigger and warmer hearts.



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