13 Unwritten Parent Rules

I love being a parent and love everything about my children.  I am thrilled and privileged to watch my children grow up and spend lots of time playing and interacting with them.  I love being a role model for them, being a great father, a coach, a teacher and a friend.  I love watching the world through their eyes and watching them light up when experiencing things for the first time.  I am absolutely so grateful to have two beautiful healthy girls and cherish all the times we spend together.  Being a parent is a tremendous amount of responsibility, takes an extreme amount of patience and is quite possibly the best “job” you will ever have.  No matter how much you read, get ready, talk to  and try to prepare for  the birth of your first child, you will never be ready.  You can go to all the classes and read all the books but nothing will prepare you for the madness that will ensue.  I decided it would be fun to give you my take on 12 unwritten parent rules they won’t tell you.  This is just all in good fun and I am open to any other contributions from you parents out there.  Have a great day everyone.


  1. You will never have privacy in the bathroom ever again.
  2. Your child will find the sharpest most dangerous thing in every room every time.
  3. The quieter your child is, the more trouble they are getting into.
  4. You will continuously and forever be picking up toys.
  5. Laundry is never-ending.
  6. Every drive way, cross walk or car turn in will be the busiest one ever when walking with your stroller.
  7. Your child will proceed to drop some item in the  busiest cross walk or driveway at the worst time.
  8. You will never sleep the same ever again.
  9. There will be whining  for almost everything you do or do not do, including the kids too.
  10. If you have anything nice, forget about it staying that way.
  11. Forget about enjoying a nice hot meal, your child will have you up 13 times in the 10 minutes it takes you to eat.
  12. Anytime you want to do something for yourself like watch TV, talk on the phone or pay bills your child will become the most needy dependent kid ever.

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