Divers are Awesome

Divers are awesome and a little bit crazy.  We all like to be silly some times, let our hair down, try new things and a have some fun and I feel that in the sport of diving we are doing that on a daily basis.  To be a diver you almost have to be a little crazy, a little not right in the head and you have to have some balls and willingness to try new things.  We get board as divers perfecting the same dives over and over again so we start thinking of new dives to do as an outlet from our practices.  It might be warming up with a double bouncing front  3 1/2 or doing interrupted split doubles off the dry board or just seeing how far you can jump away from the board.  Now when it is just you who is going all this, it’s okay, but chances are your diving teammates are just as crazy and silly as you and will always be up for some fun as well.  When divers get to play around it actually helps us realize what we are capable of because if we never tried then we would never had known if it could be done.

Below is a great video of the British National Team practicing, messing around being silly and goofing on just like most of the dive teams do a regular basis.  It’s fun to watch, fun to be a part of and it is what makes diving such a great sport.

Have a spectacular and maybe slightly crazy weekend everyone.


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