EMU Diving 2013-2014

It is the beginning of October which means it is starting to be that time of year again for the wonderful world of college diving.  College diving season usually kicks off around the end of October and goes until mid March but that does not mean the divers are not training hard right now.  The college divers have been practicing ever since the first day of school, working hard and getting their dives ready for their first competition coming up.  Although this video is from a school in my conference I was not a big fan of, Eastern Michigan University (EMU) I highly respected the divers and the coaches for the talent they produced year in and year out.  They have always had a top notch run college dive team with a great facility, great coaches and what appears to be a fun and relaxed attitude.  If you are having fun with what you are doing, it will never feel like work ever and it definitely shows in this video.  The level of diving always amazes me as the years progress on by and I love it.  What I thought to be impossible or Olympic level type dives these college kids are now competing with ease.  They are on a totally different level from when I went to school which was some odd 12 years ago (not to date myself but oh well, not ashamed).  I am excited to see how much farther the sport progresses and where it will go in the future. On a side note, I don’t know what pool they are diving at outside, but I would really, REALLY love for my own personal backyard pool to look like that one day.

Have a spectacular and amazing weekend everyone.


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