10 Terrific Mobility Exercises

Mobility is defined as the quality or state of being mobile and is especially applies to every joint in the body.  Being mobile in the body means being able to move through a great range of motion at the joint without any limitations or pain.  Our bodies and our joints are made to move, to be pliable, flexible and have great range of motion but due to our jobs and lots of sitting, sadly some of joints lose mobility over time.  The more mobile our joints can be, the better we can move and the easier movements become.  If you have tight hips from lots of sitting, it is going to be difficult for you to deep squat, lunge or perform a tall one leg step up.  Freeing up the joints with active mobility exercises will enable you to gain some of that much needed flexibility back.  The way the pyramid structure work is:

  • Stability
  • Mobility
  • Strength
  • Power

It is extremely difficult to obtain one before the other.  I am fascinated with human movement and I love to watch my kids move and grow.  When kids are growing up, they learn to sit up before they can crawl, stand before they walk and run before they jump.  This is natural human movement progression.  You will never see a baby that can crawl but not sit up, it’s just not going to happen.  The same principles apply to the gym.  You should be able to deep squat well before performing heavy loaded back squats.  The integrity and mobility of the hip should be at its greatest before performing the lift.  When you add load to poor movement patterns, you end up with dysfunction and when you end up with dysfunction, you are bound to breakdown somewhere at sometime.  Hence why mobility work is very important to any exercise and/or lifting program.  You have to protect, strengthen, mobilize and activate all of your joints for optimal results.  The two most important joints to target are the hips and shoulders.  The hips and shoulders are not only the strongest and most used but also the most mobile with greater range of motion than any other moving joint.  If you focus on taking care of your hips and shoulders mostly, you should not have any real issue in your lifting program.  The best way to work on mobility is to start with some foam rolling and then start with mobility work.

Here is a great video to help guide you on ways to work on your mobility and fun movements to try before your next workout.  Enjoy and keep on moving.


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