AT & T Diving Nationals

The US team was at it again competing in the recent nationals for the title of the best of the best.  The 2014 diving nationals was held at the University of Tennessee where the divers were competing on the 1 meter springboard.  Although I can not find the coverage for all the divers I was able to find the dives of the day where the highlight and focus in on the top 3 divers doing the top 2 dives they performed that day.  One of my favorites divers Mr. Aaron Fleshner is the big winner for the men putting down some great dives as always.  I am always a big fan of the 1 meter springboard partly because it is where diving starts for almost everybody.  Divers generally learn all the basic mechanics on the 1 meter before progressing to the 3 meter or tower.  I personally did not have much 3 meter experience until I entered into college, mainly because of the lack of facilities but also because I was slightly scared.  With the 1 meter springboard only being 3.3 feet above the water, it is amazing how much dive these divers can fit into such a small amount of air time.  I love the men because they are strong and powerful but also the woman because they do slightly less difficult dives and make them look extremely sexy.  The woman have better toe points and lines than the men which makes it more appealing to the eye.  I hope you all enjoy this video as much as me and I wish you all a fantastic weekend.

“Don’t practice until you can get it right.  Practice until you can’t get it wrong.”


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