Thrive Outside


Over this past week, I have made a discovery, nothing that is ground breaking but something I have definitely known for quite some time.  Me and my family absolutely thrive when we are outside.  My kids, my wife and myself are all so much happier, cheerier and more alive when we are outside and it doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing. I love the fact my daughter tells me she wants to go outside and play.  We can go out back and play chase or follow the leader or play in the kitchen or just pretend we are at a zoo.  I love the imagination that comes into play when we are playing outside and I never know what the game is going to be from one day to the next.  Some days we go to the park and we are all about the playground, playing on the swings, the monkey bars or trying to climb up the slides and some days we are making piles out of leaves, sticks and bark.  Whatever it is we do, I love the fact they are outside, they are active and they are connecting with nature.  Generally when we are at the park my kids do not wear any shoes because I want them to feel the sand, the grass and the dirt and I do not want them to have the disconnect with the earth by wearing those bulky padded shoes.  Kids need to be kids and roll around in the grass, get dirty, get sand in the hair and get scrapes and bruises but more importantly we as adults also need to do the same.  I try to not let my age deter me from having a good time and being silly outside.  Often times we let our adult mindedness get in the way of us being a kid again and enjoying the greatness which is outside.  Being outside is extremely good for altering your mood and putting us at peace within ourselves and my kids are prime examples.  With them being outside I swear there are less break downs and temper tantrums and more smiles and laughs.  If we are able to feed my kids outside it is even more of a blessing because they are more engaged around the dinner table, they eat more and they generally seem happier.  It is a win-win in my book.

I am fortunate enough to where I am able to get outside every day whether it be just 30-40 minutes playing with my kids, going for a walk or playing/practicing golf and I love it.  We all need to get outside as much as we can and not take it for granted.  It is always amazing to me how much better mood everyone is in when the sun is out and there really is something to it.  The power of the sun is a beautiful, contagious and fulfilling thing that should ignite every one of us to get outside and enjoy some natural Vitamin D.  We all need to be able to drink in the sun every single day and if we are able to do it you will find yourself in a much better frame of mind.  My goal for you Frontdive fanatics is to make time this week to get outside and appreciate being outside for at least 30 minutes or more each and every day.  I guarantee you will not be sorry and maybe it will become part of your every day routine.  One of the greatest aspects about being outside is that it is very difficult to do without movement.  Being outside makes us want to move our bodies and be free and not tied down to the couch or your desk or your chair.  How many times do you find yourself at work or school looking out the window dreaming of being outside?  I have always been that way and I still am.  After several hours of work and seeing the sun come up and brighten the day, I can not wait to get out there and bathe in the beauty of the world.  I hope I am not alone in this quest to thrive outside and hopefully all of you feel the same as I do because it is genetic and we are bound to be outside and one with the elements.  It is more natural for us to be outside than it is for us to be inside in a controlled environment hooked to some screen.  Get outside, get thriving and give your mind and body what it needs the most: time outside every day.


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