Slide the City

It is summer time and that means, hot weather, high humidity, long days and lots of fun in the sun.  What better way to spend some of that summer fun times than with your friends playing in some water.  I am not talking about your ordinary pool, sprinkler or lazy river, I am talking about the old school backyard fun slip and slide.  You know the plastic mat that you lube up with soap, run and slide down as far as you can go?  Well, what if I told you that we can slide down the biggest and longest slip and slide in the world (maybe).  I found this video the other day and it is from a company called Slide the City.  Basically, Slide the City sets up what looks like to be the longest and most fun slip and slide in a city coming near you and it looks freaking AWESOME!  I saw this and thought what a great, wonderful, innocent, fun and novel idea to bring people together and let them relive some of their favorite past time memories.  I am not a promoter of this site at all, I just thought it was too awesome not to share and think everyone who has a chance should definitely look into it.  There are a lot of cities where they are going to be but they dates are still to be determined.  I would highly recommend looking into for summer kick-ass summer time fun.

Here is the video for this truly epic and wonderful idea:

Have a slip and sliding fantastic weekend everyone!


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