World’s Best Diver?

I found this video on the web and it definitely intrigued me and got me thinking.  It got me thinking about the world’s best divers and what qualifies them at being the best.  The sport of diving is always and forever evolving and changing and with that being said, the divers in the 90’s are going to be a little less superior than the divers of the 2000’s just because the difficulty of the dives has dramatically increased.  What was once thought of as impossible or only a few divers were performing has now become the standard for all divers to accomplish just to remotely compete at the highest level.  The level of the bar has been raised every time and it seems to be limitless.  However, I feel in this video you will see, as of right now this is the limit of what the men will be doing off the 10 meter platform.  This young man, Jian Yang has put together the hardest list of dives that I have ever seen and because of that, he has set the world record for highest point total for a single dive and for the accumulative 6 dive total.  It has been extremely rare to break 600 points on 6 dives until our former Olympic champion did it not to long ago.  The record setting list you will see is : reverse 3 1/2 tuck, armstand back triple pike, back 3 1/2 pike, back 2 1/2 twisting 2 1/2 somersault, inward 4 1/2 tuck and front 4 1/2 pike.  This list is truly impressive.  He has a little bit of difficulty with the back twister and the inward 4 1/2 but everything else is totally solid.  I guess we will give him a break and let him slide some on those dives, but sit back, relax and enjoy this record setting performance.


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