Love the Water

Love the water

Love the water

With summer in full swing, most of us should be outside enjoying the long summer days with abundant sunshine, slowly working on our sun tans and enjoying our valuable time outside.  More often than not, summer equals hot which also equals water which hopefully means most of us are indulging in a great cool down.  I love the water and that is a understatement because I really do LOVE the water.  Every time I get in a pool or ocean or river I feel energized, alive and awaken and I forget how much I enjoy the water.  I love being in it, surrounded by it, near it, love hearing trickle down stream or coming down from the rain.  I love the peace and tranquility of water and the quiet peace of mind it brings.  I love going under water and letting all the sounds of the world disappear and finding peace in the quietness the water offers.  I love being able to move your body around in all different ranges of motion semi weight less and feel the resistance of the water around your body.  I love that almost everything you do with water involves being active with your body whether it be swimming, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, boating, sailing, rafting, kite surfing, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, scuba diving, paddle boarding, boogie boarding and cliff jumping.  It all involves movement and activity which is all good for us and much needed.  It is hard for me to be near any body of water and not want to get in, I can not resist the urge.  I love the chill and shock of the first plunge into a cool pool and love to hang out in the hot tub.  I grew up in Phoenix, which we all know the summers can be brutally hot so naturally I was a pool rat, pretty much all day, all summer long.  My grandparents had a pool which we lived at several days a week and there was also a public pool 2 miles from my house which was pretty much my second home.  I remember as a teenager going to dive practice from 10 to 12 everyday, staying until 1 and I would get my hand stamped so I could get in for free later, leave and then come back after dinner and be there from 7-10 at night.  My brothers and I would do this religiously everyday all summer long and it was the best.  Countless hours at the pool with endless entertainment made for some really great memories.

I love the fact that my love for the water has carried over to my children with both of them enjoying it as much as I do.  My 3 year old right now asks to go swimming everyday and gets slightly upset if I tell her no.  I love teaching her how to swim and enjoy watching her progress and have a great time in the pool.  I love throwing her around, jumping off the side of the pool with her and being a human jungle gym for her.  Water is my own personal sanctuary and I come to the realization that I need to be around it and in it more often.  It’s a sad funny thing with me living in Southern California and being miles from the beach you would think I would take advantage of it more but sadly I do not.  My goal this summer to incorporate more water activities and adventures for not only me but my family and take advantage of all the natural resources around.  What about you?  What are your favorite water activities? What did you grow up with as a kid?  I even remember having a great time running through the sprinkler and playing in the kiddie pool.

Whatever you choose to do, get out there, get wet, have some fun and move that wonderful body around as much as you can.


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