With a Piece of Chalk

Movement is a very strong and powerful thing.  Movement can be used as a stress relief, help with anxiety, help with restlessness and insomnia and for some can be used as an escape and retreat from their every day lives.  No matter what is going on in your day, good or bad, just by dedicating some time to yourself and focusing on quality, engaging movement may be all you need to escape from your reality and not worry about anything else but you and what you are doing.  Movement, whatever form you choose to do it in, whether it be running, exercising, walking, cycling, swimming or dancing can be extremely therapeutic and necessary to give people a right state of mind.  In this video below, you will see a young kid who uses movement as his escape from his problems at home and bullying at school and translates it into a beautifully performed dance routine.  I love this video and the message it produces.  Movement can be performed by anyone, anytime anywhere and can be used for any numerous reasons.  What are your reasons to move your body?  What drives you and keeps you moving?

“If you rest, you rust.”


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