Children Need and Everyone Too

I found this in a child’s office last week and thought it was awesome.  I love how it can relate not only to children but to all of us in our daily lives.  Sometimes I think we need to slow down and remember what it is like to be a child and all the great  things that come along with it and try not to grow up too fast.  We all need to be loved, reassured, mentored, believed in, guidance, joy, laughter and all the wonderful things that go along with being a kid.  I enjoy playing and dreaming and remembering what it is like to be young especially now with having kids.  I am able to see things for the first time through their eyes and love watching them light up with delight and amazement.  I have always loved the quote ” we don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.”  Keep playing, keep dreaming, keep being silly, happy and fun and enjoy each and every part of you life day in and day out.


Appreciation for all they bring into our lives

Balance, somewhere between too little and too much

Commitment, it’s little things we do each day that matter

Dreams, to touch the future

Empathy, remember what it was like to be a child

Family and Friends, everyone needs someone to love

Guidance, actions speaks louder than words

Healthy Habits, to nurture body, mind and spirit

Inspiration, to explore beauty, wonder and mystery

Joy, sprinkle laughter and happiness daily

Kindness, to learn to care for others as they are cared for

Limits, set boundaries and consequences together

Mentors, to give wings to their aspirations

Nature, to delight in rainbow butterflies and shooting stars

Opportunities, to discover what truly makes their hearts sing

Play, the “work” of childhood

Quiet time, to recharge their batteries

Responsibilities, to build self-esteem and self confidence

Security, feeling safe is essential to growth

Traditions, keep the family tree alive and sprout new branches

Unconditional love, for who they are, not for what they do

Values, live yours and encourage them to find theirs

Words of Encouragement, ‘you can do it.  I believe in you’

XOXOXO, hug and kiss them each and every day

You, your presence more than your presents

ZZZZs, a good night’s sleep


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