The Squat

It’s Monday and is time to hit the gym so we can start the week off in the right direction making fitness and exercise a normal part to our daily routines.  We all have great intentions of making strides towards our goals whether it be losing weight, inches or getting stronger, faster or bigger.  One of the best exercises hands down to help with it all is the squat.  The squat is a primary movement and can be done any numerous ways whether it be with dumbbells, kettlebells, body weight or the good old fashioned 45lb bar.  All of us can benefit from adding squats to our workout routine regardless of age, gender or specificity of our goals.  Want to lose some fat? Squat.  Want to get strong? Squat.  Want to train for power? Squat again.  For those experienced lifters out there, you know the feeling you get right before your put that bar on the back of your neck and then feeling again when you pop it off the rack.  You know what is in store for you and your legs and how they will feel in a day or two but we don’t care.  We push all that aside, load the bar up even more, and continue to lower and raise the bar up and down until we are grunting, sweating and tired.  We know it is good for us, we know the benefits are great and we are willing to put in the time and energy to push our bodies to the uncomfortable point of exhaustion.  Squatting is great for strengthening the hips, the quads, the glutes, the lower back and the abdominals.  Squatting is performed every single day when you get out of bed, in and out of chairs, off the can and when you bend down to tie your shoe or pick something up off the ground.  We trainers all joke about how on Monday’s at the gym it is international chest day because it seems like all the fellows are there on the benches trying to get their chests all big.  However, how about taking a look over there at the empty, unused squat rack and hopping in there to bang out some sets.  Mix up your workouts folks and try something new and challenging to start off your workout.  Sure, it’s going to be tough and you are going to be sore but don’t shy away from one of the best exercises out there because of it.  Step up to the challenge, own it and dominate it.

Here is a poem I found for all those lifters out there who know what it is like to put that heavy bar on the back.  Enjoy


As I step into the rack
My muscles tremble in fear
The smell of iron and sweat
I know pain is near

I step under the bar
With plates loaded on end
And notice how even now
The bar begins to bend

As I step back so slowly
Like a newborn attempting to walk
My legs shake in fear
And the gym ceases to talk

It’s just me and the iron now
I can hold no one accountable
All the months of training
All those times feeling so full

Now comes the time
To lower the iron down
I move ever so slowly
Moving closer to the ground

Ass to the grass
That’s what I know
Not to just half ass
So you can put on a show

I’ve made it down to the bottom
But that was the easy part
I’ve got to go back up
This will prove I have heart

The pain is unbearable
I should just drop the iron
**** that, it will not beat me
My legs will never tire

I explode from the floor
With every ounce of energy
Please legs, make it to the top
I won’t let the iron defeat me

With one last surge
I make it to the top
This is my life
This is the squat

“You can either throw in the towel or use it to wipe the sweat off your face.”


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