11 Things I Learn From Golf

I am still constantly hooked to the game of golf and enjoy every part of the game from the practicing, to playing, to making friends and enjoying the fresh air.  Golf, just like almost everything else teaches me many things about the game and also about life.  I love when you can relate sports and activities to your every day life and can benefit from them, learn from them and become a better person because of it.  Here are 11 things I have learned from the game of golf.

  1. Patience.  Being patient in between each shot, in the round, in practice and in life.  Golf has helped me be more patient and not get to worked up about things that happen to me in my day.
  2. Humility.  Golf can humble you real quick.  Just when you think you kind of have it figured it out it can turn on you in an instant.  Be patient, play within your means and that brings me to number 3.
  3. Don’t be a hero.  Sometimes on the course you are faced with tricky lies and difficult shots and we all think we are super star golfers and can go for the green when in reality it’s not going to happen.  Sure, you think you can knock it on the green with a side hill lie in the rough from 220 out and water on the left.  You never practiced this shot ever, but go for it.  Make the smart play, hit it in the fairway and set yourself up for the next shot.
  4. Know when to go for it.  Just the opposite, I know, you have to have the yin with the yang.  Sometimes you have to take a risk and go for it.  When you do, swing with all your might, eliminate any and all doubts and do not hold anything back.
  5. Enjoy nature.  Every time I am out on the golf course I appreciate nature in all of its natural and manicured glory.  To be surrounded by nothing but trees, dirt, sand, mountains and to have the grass under your feet it is truly unreal feeling.  One of the best nature sports out there, especially with the elements constantly changing.  It makes me appreciate this beautiful world even more.
  6. Practice.  Just like anything else you want to get great at, you have to practice.  The more you practice the better you will get and the more fun you you will have.  I hear people say golf is too hard but I question how much time and effort they put into making themselves better so they can enjoy the game.  Similar to everything else there is a learning curve, some may be slower and steeper than others but that’s what makes it so great.
  7. Make friends.  Golf is a very, very social and popular sport and can be played with anybody, pretty much anytime and anywhere.  The social connection is very strong and it is a fantastic way to meet new people who have the same common interest as you and enjoy the game.  One of my problems is trying to golf with all the people who do golf.  Not a bad problem to have.
  8. Be aggressive.  Often times in golf, you find yourself not hitting the ball hard enough especially with putts and chips and being too cute.  I have to tell myself it is okay to hit the ball slightly pass the hole and besides, if you don’t hit it hard enough it never has a chance to go in.  My buddy and I always say “100% of short putts miss everytime.”  Meaning if you don’t hit it hard enough, it’s always going to miss.
  9. Deep squat.  Okay, I don’t really learn how to deep squat in golf, but golf definitely helps you work on your deep squat when you are bending down lining up putts and picking up the ball.  Anytime you can work on that move whether it be at work, home, gym or on the course is win win in my book.
  10. Keep calm.  Regardless of how great or terrible you do on the hole, remain calm.  Life is to short to get all worked up about a game.  Sure, it stinks if you triple bogey a hole for the second time but oh well.  Keep calm, get over it and move on.  Look ahead to the next hole and do not let the past creep into your head.  I think I heard that Tiger Woods worries about a bad shot for ten steps and after the ten steps, all is forgotten.
  11. One shot at a time.  Try not to get ahead of yourself in golf and in life.  You hit a great drive down the middle and you are already thinking about the birdie putt and suddenly things go down hill fast.  Treat each and every shot with precise care, execution and focus one swing at a time just like one day at a time.

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