Dive In

In order to get where you want to be, have which you do not have and enjoy all of the joys of life we all want to experience, we all have to start somewhere.  Sometimes we may take small steps and ease our way into what we want to do just like putting our feet in the water and hanging out until we get comfortable and then slowly progressing to the next step and the next and then finally we are fully engaged and completely wet.  I use to be this way when I was younger when I got into the pool, never taking the full complete plunge in right away but not anymore.  I feel if you want to be successful, happy and full of life one of the best way to start experiencing it is to dive in.  Just dive in head first to whatever ambition, goal, dream or event you want to achieve or pursue and get it started.  No more walking on the outside of the pool and waiting for the right time, right temperature or right moment.  The time is now, dive in, the water is great and you will be glad you did.

With me being a parent now, I find myself diving in to whatever game, activity or play is happening with my little ones.  Sometimes we may be playing horsey upstairs with her riding my back or we may be playing chase downstairs or looking for lost treasure.  Whatever it may be, I dive in, full steam, ready to go and give it my all without any worry of time or feeling silly.  I am always willing to and ready to play with my kids because I know me playing with them is better than the alternative of watching TV, it gets them moving and being creative and also I enjoy spending time with them now and cherish it because I know they will never be this age forever.  I will always dive in to whatever my kids want to do or be because I want to be the greatest, most supportive dad ever and will keep trying until I get there.

I believe we can learn a lot by diving in, whether it be professionally, academically, socially and in the world of exercise.  As long as there is no potential threat or harm in diving all in, then get ready to make a big splash from your cannonball.  Watch out world, here I come. Not happy with your job or feel you need a career change?  Then make the switch and when you do, dive all in.  No more lolly-gagging around waiting for the right time because that time will never come.  I know lots of people who are miserable with their job but will keep at it because either the money is good, they are comfortable with it or they don’t believe they can do what they really want to do.  I think one of the many secrets to being happy is to do what you love.  If you do what you love then it will feel like you never work a day in your life.  I love my job.  Love it.  Love inspiring, motivating, educating and training all my clients day in and day out hopefully making a lasting impact on their lives.  I never come home and complain about my day or how horrible it was.  In fact it is quite the opposite.  I enjoy each and every day I work and enjoy the people I work with.  If you do what you love then you will never have to worry about the money because your passion will shine through and you will get paid in more ways than money.

What about your fitness goals?  How is that going?  Are you still waiting for the right time to start moving and start that diet?  There are only so many Mondays that go by before it becomes a full year and you are still right where you have been.  Dive in to your fitness right now.  Get a gym membership, hire a qualified trainer to help guide you along the way safely, take that class you always wanted to try and get your body moving.  Diving in to your fitness plan is easy and all it takes is time and dedication.  Be dedicated to spending time on yourself, getting the blood pumping, sweat pouring and heart bumping.  It can be as easy as taking a 15 minute walk everyday before work, doing some lunges, push ups and squats at your lunch break and/or routinely going to an after work spin class.  Find ways to add fitness and movement in your daily routine and your body will appreciate it, enjoy it and thrive on it.  The key is diving in to it.  Make it a habit and continue to do the things you need to do until it becomes a routine and part of your everyday life.  Try not to look at it like “Aw man, I have to go work out” but flip it around with a positive spin and think “Sweet, I get to work out because I can and I am very grateful for that.”  Find people who are as motivated as you or make friends with people who are to help keep you accountable, inspired and dedicated.  It is always easier to jump off the high dive when someone is there holding your hand with you.

As we continue our journey to greatness and we keep reaping the results of diving in head first into everything we do, remember there is always another platform a little higher to jump from and that is okay.  Those higher platforms are just goals we have not reached yet but give us time and we will be there soon.

I leave you with one of my favorite songs I have always enjoyed.  I have always thought this song would be great opening set for a dive show and I also love how it applies to other areas of our lives.  I believe we all can relate to this song in one area or another.  Enjoy.


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