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With summer approaching fast upon, it means warmer weather, lots of abundant sunshine and time to take some of our workouts outside.  One of the great things about training outside is using the wonderful environment mother nature has supplied for us whether it be doing sprints on the beach, climbing trees at the park or picking up large rocks and carrying them around.  Not only is it important for us to look good for the summer and get that coveted beach body we all want but it is also more important to continue training even when the weather gets hot out and take advantage of all the natural terrain around.  You will feel better, more energized and inspired after working out outside without any clocks, mirrors or machines getting in your way.  Just you, your environment and your body making the most of what you can with what you got without worrying about time, sets, reps or numbers and just listening to your body as your gauge.  Try not to worry about how silly or foolish you look, think or feel and just enjoy the motion, the wind and sunshine on your body.  You can look into performing simple exercises like squats, pushups, lunges and sprints or you can also look into carrying big rocks or logs from one point to another or balancing on a log or even climbing some trees.  Think about performing exercises that you would not normally perform in your usual gym routine and think about also what you would need to do if you  had to live in the wild and hunt and survive on your own.  What kind of movements would you need to practice and what types of activities would you need to perform?  Think about all these things when you are training and what your weaknesses are because I always say we should try to make our weaknesses our strengths.  If you dislike running, try adding some sprints intervals at the park or if you don’t care for pushups, try adding them to your routine.  The more natural movements we can perform and new stimulus you give your body the more our bodies adapt, adjust and excel in.  I believe our bodies are immune to the textures of the natural environments and need to be reawaken constantly with lots of outside barefoot training and exercise.  We need to be able to feel grass, sand and dirt between our toes and we need to feel rough textures like bark and tree limbs.  Get outside as much as you can and try to enjoy this beautiful planet we get to live on each and everyday.  Be humble, be hungry and always be grateful.  Have a fantastic day everyone.


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