OCC Diving Season 2014

Here is a short video I made of my two amazing girls Rae and Candis practicing in the 2014 season.  I like to video a practice or two every season so the divers can actually see what I am talking about and hopefully they watch it, learn from it and correct it.  Hopefully they also can see that I am not crazy and maybe it finally clicks in their head after me saying the same things over and over.  Since diving is a visual sport, it is great to have a visual reference guide like videos to see what you are doing in the third person.  Just like any sport it is great to visual every single one of your dives, every twist, every somersault and every entry.  When I competed I use to visualize my dives three times, once how I would see it, how it would look from the side and once more how I would see it.  I would think about executing a perfect hurdle with a great jump, my arms moving swiftly in the direction they need to go, spinning as fast as I can and coming out completely straight as I put my hands together for a great, clean entry.  Visualize perfect execution and then go make it happen.

This season will go down as one of the greatest seasons I have ever had and I will always cherish every moment of it.  All the laughs, smacks, hard work and dedication it took to turn these two girls into the two best 3 meter divers in California community college.  Thank you girls for a wonderful year and thank you all my former divers for a fantastic career at OCC.


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