Food Labeling?

Have you ever noticed the only time you see labels such as low-fat, sugar free, great source of fiber and good for your cholesterol they are all on processed, packaged food?  You don’t see any labels like those on a bag of carrots or box of strawberries or carton of eggs.  I was starting to think about this and was wondering why this was, why is it that the foods that are great for you have no health benefits listed but the foods that are essentially bad for you have all these benefits listed?  I think it is because the food companies want us to feel good about ingesting the food they make and want us to believe it is good and healthy for us.  Sure, we all know a box of Cheerios is pretty much a sugary grain cereal but  if you put on the box it is good for your cholesterol then it must be good right?  I feel we are being constantly tricked and fooled by the food companies in order for them to sell more product, keep us satisfied, keep making us fatter and sicker and keep us continuing to keep buying more and more.  I think we all know fruits and vegetables are great for us but perhaps we forget that because we are blinded by all the fancy claims of these unhealthy packaged foods.  It makes me wonder, if fruits and vegetables had more nutritional claims on them would we be more prone to eat more of them?  Carrots have a great source of beta carotene and a huge amount of vitamin A but you don’t see that listed anywhere just like spinach is great source of iron, vitamin K and is great fiber for you digestion.  There are so many great health benefits from all the rainbow colors of fruits and vegetables it is absolutely necessary, important and vital to eat them everyday with every meal.  You will get all the nutrients, fiber, vitamins and great for your cholesterol benefits from them more so than anything you will ever obtain from anything coming out of a box.  Again and again, it is best to eat all the foods which are naturally occurring and reap all of the benefits of them without any worry of what they will or will not do to your health.  Keep trying to eat fruits and vegetables with every meal and do not buy into what is good for this or that or this has to much sugar, if it came from nature, it is great for you, so go ahead and eat it.  Just some food for thought next time you are shopping or trying to decide on what to eat.  Eat healthy, eat clean and keep moving that body.


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