Lets Get Our Bloopers On

It is Friday and it time for a great laugh so let’s get it started with some diving bloopers.  Watch as these young, new and brave divers try to battle gravity in pursuit of perfection and lose as they either try new dives or are just messing around.  You got to love the heart, dedication and the persistence these divers show as they try and try again to get it right.  Some divers in the video are just messing around while they are letting their body take the abuse while other divers are smacking because they are legitimately trying new dives, regardless of the case, both are fun to watch and painful to be a part of.  The learning curve for the sport of diving can sometimes be a very slow and sore painful process.  Just remember whatever type of day you are having today, it will always be better than landing flat on the water like these divers you will see.  Have a great and fantastically fun weekend everyone.  Enjoy.


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