Thai Good Stories

It’s Monday after Easter and we are feeling good from the weekend, hopefully more rested, well fed and feeling more blessed than before.  We work hard day in and day out and I feel we need to slow down every now and then and appreciate everything we have, be grateful and give back to others.  Sometimes all it takes to give back to someone is a smile, a hug, a thoughtful act and more than anything time.  The time to take a minute out of your day to make someone feel special, appreciated and loved and to do it for nothing in return.  Giving back is one of the greatest unselfish acts we can do which makes the world a better place, makes us feel fulfilled and alive.  We are human and operate on emotions of others, mainly the good powerful emotions.  How great does it feel to help someone out who desperately needs help and to do it without getting paid for it or wanting anything in return?  It should feel amazing.  We should all make it a habit to go the extra mile day in and day out and keep performing random acts of kindness.  Sure, some acts may take time to get into motion and others may be immediate, however the case, they are both equally important.  Keep an open mind and an open heart for ways to help others and think about ways you can impact someones life today and the next day.  The payment you receive from gratitude alone should be enough to satisfy your heart as well as your soul.

Here is a short video what I am talking about:

“Don’t tell people how great you are, show them.”


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