Functional Patterns

Every once in awhile, I come across a video which is creative, inspiring and a little different in they way exercise is looked at.  One of my favorite aspects of fitness is all the different creative ways people train, the interesting combinations they use and the flair they can put on the classic exercises.  What I have for you today is a well done video of a man named Naudi Aguilar who gives us his spin on the way he trains, moves the body and gets the job done.  When I view videos such as this, it makes me want to do 3 things:  1. Train harder, 2. Train more creatively and 3. Try to new movements.  I believe we all, myself included, get stuck in our routine and patterns when it comes to fitness and we perform what we are good at and avoid what we are not good at.  If it is hard, why we would want to do it right? Well it does not get any easier by continuing to avoid it and I also feel in order to improve we need to turn our weaknesses into strength.  Hopefully this video helps open our eyes into a creative, more inspiring way to train and get out of our fitness ruts.  Lets get out there and find new ways to move our bodies safely, efficiently, with great energy and intensity.


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