World Series Beijing 2014

Just some great quality diving at the World Series Diving competition in Beijing with some phenomenal entries.  What was once the hardest dive to do on the 10 meter platform, 307C, a reverse 3 1/2 tuck is now done with so much ease, grace and flawless execution by almost everyone.  You will also several front 4 1/2’s with the divers having more than enough time to pike out of it and line it up for a great rip entry.  If you pay close attention you will see a couple 109B’s (front 4 1/2 pikes) with the best one being at the 2:20 mark.  Absolutely incredible.  I am off this weekend to go coach my own champions at the regional championship for Southern California community college.  I have two great girls this year that are capable of accomplishing some extraordinary things.  Wish me luck.


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