Getting Strong Again

I started lifting with my client this last week and I have forgotten how much I missed it and how much I enjoy it.  I started thinking why ever did I stop in the first place?  The honest answer is: I haven’t felt well.  My daughter is now in pre-school so she brings home every sickness and germ known to man.  I always thought I would never be one of those parents but it is kind of hard not to get sick and it is inevitable.  If you love your kids like I love mine, it is really hard not to give them hugs, kisses and cuddles.  What am I going to refuse any contact with them because they are sick?  I think not.  In continuing with the sickness like common colds and flu, I also picked up pink eye from my daughter and was out of commission for about a solid week.  Last week was the first week in a long time I actually felt good in my body and in my head.  I decided to get back on a program again and start hitting the iron with one of my great clients.  Lifting with him keeps me more regimented, accountable and plus he enjoys the company and the competition.  I believe a lot of us need someone or something to keep us regimented and accountable.  A majority of my clients have told me accountability is the main reason they train with me because they know if they do have a session scheduled with me they will not get it in at all.  We need to make ourselves accountable with fitness and make it a priority knowing if we put in the work now we will be less likely to be spend money on medical bills and prescriptions in the future.

Here is our workout we did and felt great afterwards:

Warm Up

3 Rounds

10 medicine ball chest passes

10 medicine ball lateral throws

10 overhead throws


Trap Bar Deadlift 5 Reps at 225, 275, 295 and 3 Reps at 315

Circuit 1

3 sets of 8

Dumbbell Bench Press 55, 60, 65

Keiser High Pull 35, 40, 45

Kettlebell Swing 70, 70, 106

Circuit 2

Dumbbell One Arm Squat Curl Press 35, 40, 45

Dumbbell One Arm Row 70, 75, 80

Kettlebell Back Lunge 35, 45, 45


3 Rounds of:

20 Squat Row with the Bands

15 Ring Push Ups

20 Ice skater jumps

30 Seconds on the 1 lb jump rope


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