Senior Nationals 2012

A short video of the men’s 1 meter final for the senior nationals and these boys are going big.  Diving is all about having that fine line between power and control as you will see in this video.  If you jump high and spin fast you better have the control to come out of your dive and make it look good.  A lot of these guys are jumping and spinning out of the building and are either pulling to hard at the bottom of the dive and going long or just leaving it short.  My coach always use to tell me it is better to be on or over and never short.  When a diver is short on a dive it appears as they cannot make it and will receive lower scores for a dive which is short as opposed to a dive which is slightly long.  My favorite diver in this video is Aaron Fleshner who I have been a fan of for quite some time.  He has a fantastic hurdle, an incredible amount of power and performs a lot of highly difficult dives really well.  Watch him in this video at the 1:30, 2:30 and 6 minute mark.  The dive of the contest is his front 3 1/2 pike at the 1:30 mark which is amazing.  Have a great day and wonderful weekend.


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