Diving World Series 2014

A behind the scenes look at the diving world series in Dubai.  I love this look at the action because you really get a sense of how talented the divers are and you get to see different methods of warming up.  Generally when you warm up, you want to perform the dives you are going to compete until you feel comfortable with the dive, the boards and the pool.  Sometimes though, you will see divers performing lead up dives which are done on a smaller board.  Leads up a great way to work on your start, your spots or just an overall general feel of where the dive is going to be, plus it ends up being a lot easier on the diver. Rather than performing multiple back 3 1/2’s off 10 meter, a diver will do a couple of back 2 1/2’s or triples off the 5 meter platform before taking the dive up.  In this video you will a couple of divers double bouncing some lead up dives on the 1 meter springboard that are pretty impressive.  I would love to be poolside and be able to watch these divers warm up.  It is a bucket list of mine to go to the olympics one day and when I do, I will be getting there super early to watch it all go down.  Have a fantastic weekend everyone and remember to get out there, get some sun and move your body around.


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