Bodyweight Tabata

Somedays in our busy, hectic and chaotic lives, we do not have the time or energy to put the necessary effort in the gym like we want to.  Time is almost always the biggest factor when it comes to working out, either we have it, make it or we make the most of what we got.  Yesterday, I knew I needed to get a workout in but I also knew I only had about 25 minutes to do it.  Some people would just pass on it but I look at it like a personal challenge of what I can get accomplished in a short amount of time.  The goal is to keep moving the whole time with very limited amount of rest by bouncing from one exercise to the next.  Intensity is and will always forever be key.  Get your heart rate up, keep it up and keep moving until the time is up.  Often times we these types of workouts I prefer to perform no repeat exercises bouncing around getting a great full body workout.  I also like to just put my headphones in and grove whatever exercise I am doing without counting reps or time and just feel it until it becomes hard and challenging.  While I am performing my exercise I am thinking about which exercise I can transition to.  Never stop moving and continuing to work at high intense pace for my short but meaningful 25 minutes of bliss.

Here is a great video of two gentlemen performing a great bodyweight tabata.  One is performing the regular version while the other is performing the advanced.  When short on time, the great exercises to do to get the most out of your workout are anything with a jump, burpees, sprints, jump rope, ball slams, explosive push ups and jump pull ups.  For me, sometimes I really enjoy the no nonsense, straight to the point get after it workouts.  Short and sweet is sometimes the way to go.


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