The Paleo Lifestyle?

One question I frequently get asked by either my clients or someone else’s client is: “Bryan, are you still doing Paleo?”  I politely reply yes and carry on with my day but I can’t but help let this question bother me and get to me a little.  For me, paleo/primal eating is the ultimate way to go when it comes to eating and nutrition, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. I know most of you have heard this before but I will say it again, paleo eating is a lifestyle, it is not some temporary diet you go on to lose a few pounds or until the next big celebrity diet comes around.  It is a way of life.  Eat nothing but whole, natural foods that are good for you and in which gives you vibrant health, great energy and a road to a less diseased future and you will find yourself delightfully happy.  I find it to be the easiest and simplest way to eat and I never have to worry about counting calories, how much fat I am consuming or whether I am eating enough.  I only eat foods naturally occurring on this earth and find myself feeling great all the time without any sugar or energy crashes and very rarely getting sick.

Eating only meat, vegetables, nuts, eggs, fruits and spices is the way to go for me.  For the people who have tried it and have given up or it “didn’t work for them” then I say you either did not try hard enough or you gave up on it to soon.  Just like everything else in this world it takes time.  It takes time for your body to switch over from being a sugar burning with lots of high glycemic foods, high sugar and lots of processed food to a lean mean and efficient fat burning machine.  Give it a try again, be patient, absorb it, embrace it and try not to worry about the numbers on the scale but more importantly how much better you feel, how much more energy you have and how much better you are sleeping.  Given enough time, you will see the results you are after as long as you are consistent and dedicated.  I find the ladies have a hard time with paleo eating because they do not want to make the sacrifices necessary to adopt the paleo lifestyle.  Many of them have a hard time giving up bread, pasta or whatever and quit before they have even started.  I had a client tell me last week paleo was not working for her and she was changing to some ridiculous diet to where you only eat fruit in the morning.  I believe the client did not fully commit to the lifestyle and was just in it for the weight loss and nothing else.

For those of you that want a quick fix, there are none so why not just adopt something you can use and benefit from for the rest of your time here.  I am human, I do cheat and somedays or worse than others, I will admit it.  We can not be perfect 100% of the time but we can be dedicated to going right back to eating healthy after our bad day/ meal.  Do not let it snowball and start saying ‘well, I already ate bad one meal, might as well keep it going.’  What is your most important meal?  Your next one, just like what is your most important workout?  Your next one.  Keep trying to incorporate the paleo/primal lifestyle more into your life and you will be amazed with the results.  That is all for now, so go out there and make your next meal the most important one.


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