11 Powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself

When you awake in the morning, what is it that drives you through the day?  What makes you get out of bed, attack the day, live inspired and enjoy your wonderful life?  I want to know what motivates you and how your progress towards those goals are going.  I am driven everyday but my need to helps other as much as I can, to be the best loving and caring father and husband I can be, to be the greatest person I know how to be, to be caring, loving, joyous to all, and to enjoy my life with as much love and laughter as I can.  Sure there are other goals like saving money, moving to another state and buying a house but those are minor compared to the above.  If your mind, body and soul are in peace and harmony then all else will fall into places.  Remember the power of the law of attraction with like attracts like and use the power of it by focusing on nothing but good thoughts all day long and good will come back to you.  Believe in yourself.  Start every morning by saying out loud everything big or small you are grateful for.  Say your mantras, your goals, your hopes and dreams out loud everyday and wait for the world to work in your favor.  Spend some time in complete silence everyday to quiet your mind.  Take 10 deep slow belly breaths to slow your mind, your heart, your body and regain focus.  You will be amazed how effective and rejuvenating 10 slow breaths can be.  Write your goals down and post them somewhere you can see to read twice a day.  Stay focused, stay hungry, stay humble and enjoy everything you have and be grateful to be alive today.

Here is a fantastic post I found from Red Lemon Club on: The 11 Most Powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself Today.  It is amazing and you will see different areas you can improve in.  Have a fantastically motivating Monday everyone.  Happy St. Patty’s day to everyone.  Celebrate responsibly.



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