Filthy 50

One of my clients came in last week and was talking about a workout he had heard and read about via Crossift called the Filthy 50.  I looked it up on my phone and was quite intrigued about it, so much so I went ahead and did a couple of rounds of 10 reps of the Filthy 50.  Well, the other day I went ahead and gave the Filthy 50 to that same client and watched as he continued to suffer, pant and sweat his way through it for the next 26 minutes.  He had come in two days later and asked if I had done it yet and I told him no because my hamstring was kinda grabby and that I would have a time for him the next time he saw me.  Today was the day.  I had it all planned out, I took my time foam rolling, stretching, doing some muscle activation and getting a great full body warm up making sure to get my heart rate up.  I knew this was going to be the only thing I did today, nothing more and nothing less so step up and get it done.

The Filthy 50 consists of 50 Reps of all the following (completing each one before moving on to the next):

50 Box Jumps (24 inch box)

50 Jump Pull ups

50 Kettlebell Swings (I used the 44lb)

50 Walking Lunges

50 Hanging Knee’s to Elbow

50 Push Press (with the 45lb olympic bar)

50 Back Extensions (I had to use the swiss ball for my modification)

50 Wall Ball Tosses

50 Burpees (full burpees with the push up on the bottom and jump at top)

50 Double Unders

Total completion time took me 21:35 and then I basically just died on the floor.  It was hard, really hard, even as I am writing this now I still have not recovered.  The absolute worst part  is the 50 burpees, just brutal.  I timed them and it took me 5 minutes to complete those evil bastards.  It was one heck-uva workout, glad I did it and took my body to that place which has not been there in awhile.  I believe every once in awhile you have to take your body to the point to where you are exhausted, laying on the floor, panting, sweating and to tired to get up.  It is humbling, feels great afterwards and you know you will be feeling it later.


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