Big Ten 1 Meter Finals

The conference championships are in full bloom with a lot of the power house schools competing for bragging rights for the season.  Some of the best swimming and diving schools in the country are from the Midwest like Indiana, University of Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio State.  Other great notable schools who are always in the running for the NCAA championship are Arizona, Arizona State, University of Texas, UCLA, USC and most of the Florida colleges.  The video I have for you all today is of the men’s 1 meter final contest at the University of MIchigan pool.  There are some really great dives being put down with ease.  I am a fan of divers who make their dives look easy.  The key to a great dive is all about the hurdle because the hurdle sets you up for success if performed correctly.  Divers want to be right on the tip of the board with perfect balance and alignment and any small variance from the end can result in an array of problems.  I believe in diving a diver should jump and spin their dives as high and as fast as they can finishing them as quick as they can so they have all the time to line up for a great entry.  These divers do a great job of making it all happen.  Pay extra attention to the divers who have a fantastic hurdle and how well the dive goes for them.  I call it the “money spot” because in diving sometimes you know when you land down from your hurdle the dive is going to be nothing but money in your pocket.  Have a fantastic “money spot” day.


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