2014 Women’s Big Ten 1 Meter

Well, it is that time of year again with the college diving season coming to a close.  The divers have been training 20 hours a week for the last 6 months preparing for this particular moment, the conference championships.  All the hours of practice, all the hard work, the sweat, the endless amount of pike ups, hurdles, entries and an occasional smack or two come down to one weekend.  Two days off competition with the top 8 coming back to dive again in the final at night in front of a packed house with all the swimmers and spectators watching.  All the divers fighting for the chance to become conference champions with an extreme amount of pressure mounting on every dive.  The energy in the air is electric and contagious and can be pretty intense with the competition coming down to the last couple of dives.  Lots of scenarios can happen, like the 8th place diver diving out of his mind and capturing the title or the first place diver badly missing a dive and leaving the door wide open for someone else or it could be a battle against the top 3 divers with it all coming down to their last dives.  It’s all about who has what it takes to rise up, overcome the pressure and dive like a champion.  Who is willing to lay it all on the line, go after their dives, be aggressive and not hold anything back?  Only time will tell.

The video below is of the women’s 1 meter final competition at the Big Ten Conference Championship.  I believe it appears to be they are in the 4th round putting their dives down effortlessly with amazing style.  I have to hand it to the women they definitely know how to make their dives look beautiful with their great toe points and great lines.  Great job ladies.


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