The Ten Commandments of Health

Hello and good morning all Frontdive Fitness readers, I hope today finds you revved up, fired up and geared up not only to tackle the rest of the week but to continue on with our path to great success, happiness and health.  I am constantly on the look out for any and all informational, motivational, educational and inspirational content I can find on health, happiness and success.  It can be in the form of a video, a poem, a story or even a song and sometimes it can come from the most random and untapped sources.  I found this, The Ten Commandments of Health from one of our childhood educational programs we are familiar with: Sesame Street.  I love Sesame Street, I always have and always will and probably even more so now because I am a parent, Grover is still my favorite.  I love all the values, grammar and information they give our children on how to act and behave appropriately.  They teach great values on health, wellness and even success that goes a long way and is definitely we all can use a refresher course in.  I love it incorporates everything full circle and not emphasizing one particular area over another, knowing each one separate is important but adding them all together as a whole is even more valuable.  We all know we should wash your hands before you eat and cover your nose when you sneeze but also the importance of eating your fruits and vegetables daily, getting a good nights sleep and exercising.  We all know if we do all of things combined we will feel great, be great and continue to do great things day in and day out.  Here are the 10 commandments of health Sesame Street style:

The Ten Commandments of Health

One, wash your hands before you eat
Two, brush your teeth after every meal
Three, see your doctor and your dentist
We all need checkups no matter how good we feel.
Oh how lovely life will be if we keep the
Ten commandments of health.

Four, cover your nose whenever sneezing
Five, cover your mouth when you’re coughing too.
Six, dress warmly in cold weather
And you won’t have much coughing or sneezing to do.
Oh how lovely life will be if we keep the
Ten commandments of health.

Health, oh sweet health,
It’s worth more than fame or wealth to me.
One thing I say a lot:
“Take care of the life you got it’s such a precious commodity.”

Seven, exercise to keep in shape
Eight, bathe or shower when each day is through
Nine, eat lots of fruits and vegetables
Ten, give your body all the sleep that it’s due.
Oh how grand we’re gonna feel
‘Cause we’ll keep the
Ten commandments of health.
The ten commandments of health!


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