Cliff Diving

A fantastic video of the wonderful world of professional cliff diving.  This is a unique behind the scenes look at the beautiful sport of cliff diving and the amazing spots they travel to.  These divers are fortunate enough to be able to dive at some of the most exotic and remote spots in the world, most of which are only accessible by foot or with climbing gear.  I think being a professional high diver definitely has its perks with remote dive locations, beautiful views and gorgeous scenery everywhere.  I mean how often do you get to dive in a cave with a waterfall cascading down right next to you?  I bet most of will never be able to experience such a thrill.  I have had my fair share of diving experiences and they have all been extremely fun and very memorable like diving off some rocks in Maui, or some cliffs in Jamaica or probably my most favorite was a cenote`(underground cave) in Tulum, Mexico. All three were awesome and I can not wait to add some more to my lists of worldwide dives I have performed.  If you ever have the chance, jump on it, don’t be afraid.  Remember it is only water and it won’t hurt that bad if you land wrong but the memories and stories will stay with you forever.  Make the plunge.


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