1980 and 1952 Diving

The first video is a rare never been seen before video of the great Greg Louganis competing in a 1 meter contest in 1980.  It is truly amazing and a rare treat to see one of the greatest divers of our time compete on a board that is not used in olympic competition.  I have always been a fan of the 1 meter board and do not understand why it is not included in the games and Mr. Louganis will show that even back then he makes it look really pretty.  Three dives done in the video that are worth notice are the back 1 1/2 straight, the reverse 1 1/2 straight and the reverse 2 1/2 tuck.  The 1 1/2’s straight are two dives which are rarely done today and the reverse 2 1/2 was probably one of the first and few done during that time.  It is a real pleasure to watch and enjoy this video of Greg diving on the 1 meter board.

The next video is of the olympic games in the year 1952 back in the day when the dives were a lot simpler, basic and still very pretty.  You will see two big names in the diving world; Pat McCormick and Dr. Sammy Lee.  Dr. Lee was a great diver with big dives back in the day and also is famous for coaching Greg Louganis to a silver medal in the 1976 games.


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