2013 Diving Nationals

The boys are at it again and they are throwing down big for the USA 3 meter diving winter nationals at the University of Texas pool.  The video is of all the divers in the final and it quite impressive to watch.  One thing I definitely noticed in this video is how important the hurdle is.  The hurdle sets you up for success.  A diver wants to be able to hurdle and land on the very tip of the springboard in order to get the most bounce and recoil from the board to get maximum height.  In this video you will see many divers either too far forward or to far back from the board making it exceptionally difficult to execute the diver correctly.  When a diver is back from the end of the board, most often than not, the diver have to work harder for the dive and will either come out short or think they need to hold on a little longer and go long of vertical.  However, when a diver is to far forward in the hurdle, hanging ten as we like to call it, it makes it very difficult to control the dive because all of your weight is traveling forward which makes you spin faster and have a whip type effect.  Both of these hurdles are no bueno but if you had to pick one or the other, I would pick being back from the board because you have more of a chance to control the dive.

Regardless of the hurdle, one of the most important and beautiful parts of diving is the entry and some of these boys do a tremendous job putting these dives down.  Most of the time you will not see as great as entries from the 3 meter board as you will from the platform due to the lower height and not as much time to fully stretch out on these difficult dives.  A great contest to watch and a delight to see our former Olympic platform gold medalist transitioning to springboard and taking the gold.  Enjoy


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