The Definition of a Champion

With us in full swing of the holiday season, it may be easy to throw in the white towel, surrender to all of the holiday goodness, overindulge and continue to keep that stride going until the end of the year.  It easy for your exercise regime to take a backseat to all of the holiday functions and parties plus all of the holiday shopping and traveling we must do.    Some may have the attitude of we only live once and christmas only comes around once a year so why not?  Why not neglect our bodies and start back up at the beginning of the year?  The next year is going to be my year, I am going to start off strong, stick to my diet and finally (fill in the blank, lose 10, 20 lbs, run a marathon, etc).  Please do not fall into this trap.  Continue to fight the good fight, to move your body, exercise, sweat, grunt, jump, skip, lift, push, pull, swing and burn off all of those extra unwanted calories.  Continue to train like a champion and to not give up.  Let us all head into the next year with a full head of steam, ready to tackle of any obstacles which come our way.

Here is a video on the definition of a champion.  A fantastic video of professional athletes training hard and telling us what it takes to be successful.


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