1 Meter Finals

It is getting to be that time of year again, baseball is over, NBA basketball just started, college football is coming to a close but college swimming and diving is in full effect.  Generally the dive season starts off the end of October and lasts until the end of March depending on how far you go in the season.  There are so many divers with so many hopes, goals, dreams and new dives to learn it makes the season a whirl wind of fun, excitement, sometimes pain and lots of fun.  Most schools will generally have several dual meets before the end of the year and one or two invitationals to travel to.  One my favorite aspects of being on the University of Toledo diving team was traveling to all of the different states around and diving at all of the different college pools.  I had some which I absolutely loved like Ball State, Ohio University and the amazing pool of Miami University and then there were some not so much like Bowling Green State University and Buffalo.  Regardless of the pool, the competition was always fun, fierce and challenging.  For today’s video I have for us some great diving of the 2013 zone 1 meter diving finals.  Now all of these divers in this video are near the end of the season so most of the dives are pretty polished by now.  My favorite dive in this contest is the back 1 1/2 pike around the 2:25 mark, it is pure poetry and just butter from start to finish.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and until next time, continue to stay fit, active and healthy.


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