Food in 1917

Food GuideThe poster above was written by the United State Food Administration in the year 1917 in which I could not agree more with but unfortunately with today’s fast paced, no time lifestyle, I feel everything on the list is in reverse.  We are to busy, to tired, to stress, to short on time to take time and effort out of our day to invest in what we put into our mouths and nourish our bodies.  For me, I view food as fuel only, fuel which will power me through the day without any sugar crashes, without any cravings and without any junk to get into the system.  I work hard to dictate all of the goodness which goes into my body because I know if I eat whole, natural and healthy food it helps give me the vitamins, minerals, energy and nutrition I need to be healthy, active and fit.  I will continue to eat this way because I know it will also be great for me in the long road of health with hopefully eliminating a lot of the health problems which come with age and eating poorly such as: diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cardiovascular disease and inflammation.  I continue to strive for excellence with eating and food because it is the one area which we are 100% responsible and in control of.  You are responsible for what you put in your mouth and only you, no one else.

Let’s examine the list of food rules in 1917:

1.  Buy it with thought.  When you are at the store pick out all the meats, fruits, vegetables and nuts you know you will eat for the week.  Plan out your meals ahead of time so you know what you are going to cook and eat on what day.  Often times we do not buy food with thought but more so out of want or hunger.

2.  Cook it with care.  Slow down, take your time and enjoy the process of cooking.  Enjoy cutting vegetables, smelling the freshness of your produce and all the flavors coming together.  Now, I think we grab whatever is quick, fast, convenient and tasty.

3.  Use less wheat and meat.  Brilliant.  If we eat less wheat and meat, what does that leave with us with?  More fruits, vegetables and nuts.  You can no go wrong with more vegetables in your diet, like I always say eat as much vegetables as you want, go ahead and stuff your self with them.  If we can all eat less wheat, we would all see a great impact of change on our bodies and health.  The less wheat we eat, the less inflammation, the less sugar crashes and the more energy you will have.  Now, I think we are all about wheat, highly processed goods and mass amounts of poor quality meat.

4.  Buy local foods.  Easy as it sounds.  When you buy local you are not only supporting your local farming communities but also eating healthier, fresher and less pesticide food.  You also eat more so of what is in season as compared to everything in season at the supermarket.  Out here in California, everything is in season year round and I don’t think that is natural.  Today, we buy foods which are cheap, easy and with little to no nutritional value.

5.  Serve just enough.  This one is huge for most of us because I believe portion size is a big factor in cutting back on calorie intake and food ingestion.  By serving just enough food, we are not inclined to continue eating and stuffing our faces with extra unwanted calories.  It is okay to not be completely full after you are done eating.  I think now a days we love to get the most bang for our buck and want to be full and busting out of the seems in order to feel satisfied.

6.  Use what is left / Don’t waste it.  I am combining the two because I feel if you use what is left you have a better chance of not wasting it.  I am a huge fan of leftovers and I can eat leftovers any time of the day.  Last nights dinner for breakfast?  Sure why not.  Find ways to use all of your leftover food and not throw it in the trash.  Not a fan of leftovers?  Give them away to someone who would enjoy them or in need of them.  I think we are too wasteful now and we throw away way to much food.  Do not let if go to waste.

When thinking about what to do for your next meal, think about the values set back in the year 1917.  Think about eating whole, natural foods, cooking them with care, eating just enough and using what food you have left.  Sometimes the best advice comes from many years ago that unfortunately lose their luster and impact.  It is our job to bring these values back to the present for our own good health and longevity.


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