Dream, dream big and always keep striving to achieve your dreams.  Every now and then we need a swift kick in the pants to get off our butts, to stop being lazy and to go out there, attack the day, seize the day and make dreams a reality.  How hard do you want to work to get where you want to go?  How much are you willing to sacrifice and how much discipline do you have to give up things that are holding you back from making your dreams a reality?  I have a fantastic video for us today to get us fired up, inspired and motivated to be an achiever, to get us one step closer to grasping our biggest goals.  I love the audio of this video more than the video, so if you only have time to listen, let this play while you are getting ready for work and it will pump you up for the day.  Let us all keep working hard,  grinding it out and chasing our dreams and not stopping until we achieve them.


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney



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