Canadian Diving Blooper Tape

A very old but classic canadian diving blooper tape from 1988.  This is the first ever blooper tape I have seen and it is a good one.  We all love to see divers go in the water with that splashless rip entry but just like a car wreck on the side of the road, we all love to see when the divers mess up.  We all have to learn somewhere and sometime in order to progress, become better and master the dive.  Sometimes however, they do not go as well as planned by either going slightly long or short of vertical, completely flat on the water or just totally lost in space.  Each mess up hurts in its own special unique way.  Yours truly has landed in the water many of times like you will see in this video.  My personal favorites are at the 2:47 and the 4:00 mark.  Have a great weekend and may it be less painful than what you will see on the video.



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